About Us

QUBYTE Corporation is an organically grown IT company with our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Everyone that is a part of this company are passionate about how information technology can help transform our lives, empower our societies and advance our futures.

The foundation of our company is based on developing trusted and valued relationships with our clients. Our hopes are to help businesses adopt a structured, clear thinking approach, taking the time to help understand your business objectives and direction before we help define solutions.

QUBYTE has a reputation and a proven track record of creating strong strategic partnerships with our clients to help truly understand their IT infrastructure. By using best practice methodologies such as ITIL®, we help organizations align their needs of business core processes, support, change, transformation and growth.

QUBYTE cloud and Fiber Network solutions
QUBYTE cloud and Fiber Network solutions

The QUBYTE Timeline


QUBYTE Was Founded


Became A Corporation


Introduced Cloud Computing


Launched Fiber Network & VoIP Solutions