Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your IT Managed Services work?

At QUBYTE Corporation we provide 24x7x365 system and network monitoring of all of your IT infrastructure. Our Help Desk is your first point of contact at QUBYTE for all of your day-to-day requirements. During any support or incident request, our team will reference documentation which has been specifically gathered and put together for your business. We are also available 24x7x365 for any on-site Server/Network Infrastructure emergencies. Our Help Desk can provide technical support, quoting for hardware or software, and basic consulting for general IT matters.

Our team consists of many support tiers. Our Level 1 Support team handles general IT incident requests and tasks, while our Level 2 and 3 Support teams handle our escalated and more complex issues. In addition to the support teams, your account/project managers are an additional point of contact for any projects, business consulting, special requests or customer service matters. Your Account and Project Managers are there to oversee your satisfaction and they are your advocates within QUBYTE Corporation.

Q: What is the support process?

QUBYTE Corporation will provide a proactive support model for all desktops, laptops, servers, storage devices and network appliances. Included in this service we provide 24x7x365 network monitoring services, patch management, asset management, anti-virus and anti-malware updates, email support, printer/scanner support and scheduled maintenance tasks.

Q: How much does the service cost?

Our Managed IT Services pricing is a fixed monthly fee based on the total number of devices you wish to cover under the agreement. These devices include Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Storage Area Networks, Firewalls, etc. Once a device is covered under the contract, we provide you with unlimited proactive and reactive support for any incident that may arise with that device. This eliminates the headaches with traditional fluctuating break/fix IT support costs, and allows you to establish accurate budgets for maintaining your infrastructure.

Q: Where do I go for help?

Our Central Support Helpdesk is your first point of contact at QUBYTE Corporation, for all of your day-to-day needs. Our helpdesk can be reached via email, phone or through our Central Support Web Portal. Your account managers are an additional point of contact for any projects, business consulting, special requests or customer service matters.


Phone: 1-800-928-5180
Email: support@qubytecorp.com

Q: What is your average response time?

Our average response times perform better than the industry standard. We provide response times based on the severity or priority of the incident. The service priority levels are based on an ITIL framework and range from Informational/Questions, Standard, Urgent, and Critical.

Q: What Certifications and Partnerships do you have?


  • ITIL Certified Professionals
  • Microsoft Networking Infrastructure Competency
  • Microsoft Advanced Networking Infrastructure Competency
  • Red Hat Certified Engineers
  • Dell Storage and Solutions Providers
  • WatchGuard Certified Network Analysts
  • Project Management Professionals
  • System Architects and Software Engineering


  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Business Solutions Partner
  • HP Enterprise Business Partner
  • Cisco Business Partner
  • WatchGuard Business Partner
  • Dell Premier Partner
  • Lenovo Business Solutions Partner
  • VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider
  • Veeam Cloud and Service Provider
  • Acronis Authorized Partner
Q: Do you provide onsite support?

Yes, our Managed IT Services provide remote and onsite support for a fixed monthly cost. There are separate costs between daytime and after-hours (standard business hours) on-site support.

Q: How long have you been in business?

QUBYTE Corporation has been in business since 2012. We are a technology company with services and solutions in many industries, spanning across Canada and the United States. We have provided solutions for many businesses, everything from SMB’s to Cross-Broder or international enterprises.

Q: How familiar are you with specific technologies?

QUBYTE’s team of highly skilled IT Professionals are required to maintain their competencies with various industry standard products and technologies. We are familiar with many technologies which include solutions from Microsoft, Red Hat, Various Linux Distributions, UX, Dell, HP Enterprise, Lenovo, WatchGuard, Cisco, IBM, Vmware, Oracle, Intel, AMD, nVidia, APC and much more.

Q: Can you help with IT procurement?

Yes, QUBYTE’s Account and Project Managers will manage your IT infrastructure from initial conception through to expansion or contraction of your business. This is managed through our Asset Management process which allows for strategic decisions handled through our weekly, bi-weekly or quarterly IT business meetings with our clients. A Virtual CIO or Account Manager will provide your team with options and a general roadmap so that management and stakeholders can make well-informed decisions about their infrastructure.